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Paying Online is Simple and Secure!

Security: PayPal has 49 million users making secure transactions daily for thousands of products and services. They have as much or more security as any major national or international website selling millions of products via credit and debit cards.

Guest Option: You do not have to create a PayPal account in order to use this system. You may simply use their Guest option by choosing “Don’t have a PayPal account.”

Amount being paid: On the left side of the PayPal page there is an area to put in the amount of your payment. Enter the amount and click on the Update button.

After your credit card information is entered (right side) and submitted, a new window will open and the final step is simply to click on the pay button that appears. This will give you a payment confirmation.

All of this takes about 2 minutes!

Type the Patient’s Name that the payment is for and click the button to begin the payment process for your dental services provided by our office.

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